• Keep your room clean
  • Clean up after yourself in the common areas (bathroom, kitchen, hallway etc.)
  • NO SMOKING inside your bedroom or inside the property.


  • Please take rubbish bins onto the street on the day indicated on your rent schedules.
  • General rubbish WEEKLY
  • Recycling FORTNIGHTLY


  • Please respect your housemates and neighbours with respect to loud music at all times
  • No Loud Music OR Noise outside after 10pm on Weekdays and 11pm on Weekends
  • If you disrespect the noise policy we may deduct money from your bond and you may be issued with a notice to vacate.
  • Neighbours are very sensitive to loud noise at night, so please show respect.


  • If you lose your key or lock yourself out of your room it will cost $40 for us to replace the key.
  • Call out fee for opening your room will be charge $40 between 9AM to 6PM and $100 between 6PM to 9AM.
  • In the event the Urbanstay team is unavailable, we will organise a locksmith to attend the property. Locksmith charges start at $50 and range to $70-$80 if locks need to be changed. All locksmith charges are payable on the spot to the locksmith by the tenant.


  • Unless agreed with Urbanstay, your room/bed is only for a single person. If you are a couple, your room/bed is only for two people.
  • Unless agreed with Urbanstay, you cannot have guests stay overnight in your bedroom or at the property.
  • We do not want to overcrowd our properties or disturb the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of your housemates/neighbours.


  • Urbanstay will organise periodic inspections of common areas and bedrooms.
  • We do this to ensure all areas are kept in a clean and hygienic condition and there is no damage
  • We also perform inspections of smoke alarms for everyone's safety
  • We commit to providing 24 hours minimum notice before any inspection


  • Please make sure to notify us 4 weeks before your move out date so we can find someone for your room.
  • Failure to provide 4 weeks notice may result in a forfeit of your bond. Calculated by the number of days required to fill your room x rental amount per night.
  • Kindly follow the checklist to vacate prior to your departure
  • Upon vacating the room if the carpet is stained or in an unreasonable condition tenant must have the room professionally steam cleaned or money will be deducted from the bond.

Vacating PRIOR to the end of the term

  • Urbanstay will deduct $50 from your bond for a marketing and advertising fee if 3 months lease is not satisfied
  • Urbanstay will attempt to find a replacement for your room
  • If we find someone prior to room becoming vacant, then bond will not be forfeited
  • If we don’t find a replacement for your room prior to room becoming vacant, then portion of bond will be forfeited until room is filled on a pro-rata basis.
  • If a member signs up for 6 months pricing and moves out prior, we will deduct $10 per week from your bond for the time spent in house